We are sisters, moms, and lovers of beautiful things and a good deal. How did we get this whole thing started? One day someone said to me, "Your kids are always dressed so cute. I'll bet it's a full time job!" That started the wheels turning. I DID spend a lot of time making/finding quality vintage inspired clothes for my children. I thought that there just might be other moms out there that would love clothes like the ones I dressed my kids in and if they were more readily available AND a decent price I could save other moms time and money. 

Well along came my younger, more modern sister and The Little Grey Sweater was born. I keep it vintage and she makes sure we're not going too old grandma style. 

Marisa is a teacher and Taylia is a social worker by other occupation. Not only are our children important to us, but all children hold a special place in our hearts. A portion of our proceeds are donated to children's organizations that are near and dear to us.