About Us

We are sisters, moms, and lovers of beautiful things. I have always had a love for vintage fashion and found myself spending a lot of time searching for and making beautiful classic children’s clothing for my own little ones.  After receiving a lot of compliments on my children’s clothes I felt like other moms might benefit from all my efforts. Thus the Little Grey Sweater was born.


We have loved designing and compiling each collection for The Little Grey Sweater. Our goal is to give mom’s affordable, quality clothes that are beautiful too. We hope that regular moms, like us, can dress their children exactly how they want through our individual pieces, accessories, and collections as a whole.


We are learning so much and enjoy getting to know women from all over the world who share our love for classic children’s attire. We are constantly surprised at other small shop owners kindness and generosity in helping us become successful. Interacting with our clients has been the most rewarding part of The Little Grey Sweater and we have loved getting to know women individually.

By other occupation I am a social worker and Marisa is a teacher. All children hold a special place in our hearts. We firmly believe that even the smallest act of kindness matters, so a portion of The Little Grey Sweater’s proceeds go to children’s charities that are near and dear to us.